At 6'2" 210 lbs, T.J. White shines as a rising star within the Washington Nationals organization. In a Nationals org crammed with MLB Pipeline top 100 prospects, T.J. has found himself right in the thick of the Nationals top 10 since being drafted and signed as a 17 year old out of Dorman High School in South Carolina.

Growing up in South Carolina, T.J. tried his hand at Football, Basketball, and Baseball.  His mother, Elizabeth Wells-White shared that Flag Football didn't work out for him because as a 5 year old he was stiff-arming everyone when he carried the ball.  With his size advantage, that didn't go over so well.  Ms. Wells-White said "That was a big no-no" with a laugh. In YMCA Basketball young T.J. White earned the nickname Baby Shaq for his size advantage and physical style of play.  But Elizabeth shares "His heart was always in baseball since the time he was 2 years old."

In High School T.J. honed in on baseball and set out to master it.  White was praised by Coaches and Administration at his High School for constantly seeking out feedback at the end of every season and then spend all summer working his butt off to get better. This unwavering commitment to his craft has always set him apart. Today you can find him on backfields refining his skills with a full bag of JL Glove Co. baseball gloves or spending extra time grinding out technique in the cages.  There's no doubt this willingness to work is what allowed T.J. to quickly learn the footwork nuances and fielding challenges to seemlessly move from Outfield to 1B in his second year in the Washington Nationals organization.

As one of just four players age 18 or under in 2022, the switch hitting White put on a show at Single A Fredericksburg, batting .258 with 11 tanks and 52 RBI.  The future for T.J. is going to be electric.  Needless to say, we're honored to have T.J. on the squad. 


Let's take a look at T.J.'s glove setup:

Model 1: JL Glove Co. AD 21, RHT

Size: 12.75'
Features: DNA, Pro-Stock Japanese Kip, Custom 1B Glove, H-Web

Colorway: Black, Grey, Standard JL Glove Co. Wrist Logo colors

Featured as primarily at 1B this year for the Wilmington Blue Rocks, the AD21 Custom 1B Glove has been the weapon of choice in 2023 for T.J.

Model 2: JL Glove Co. DLH42 RHT, 

Size: 12.75"

Features: DNA, Pro-Stock Japanese Kip, Custom Outfield Glove, H-Web

Colorway: Black, Grey, Standard JL Glove Co. Wrist Logo and Marketings

The DLH42 Outfield glove features a deep pocket and slight pinky and thumb flare, making it the perfect Outfield Glove.  

Model 3: JL Glove Co. JP17, RHT 

Features: DNA Custom Infield Glove, Pro-Stock Japanese Kip, I Web

Size: 12"

Features: DNA, Pro Stock Japanese Tanned Kip leather, Custom Infield Glove

T.J.'s JP17 Dual Welting crown pattern is the perfect infield glove for 3B play and for training purposes in the outfield.  

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